About GBN Worldwide

GBN Worldwide is a leading global insurance network with over 5000 professionals operating in over 130 territories. With over 9 Billion USD in premiums transacted, GBN Worldwide is a network that is made up of un-owned entities, vetted and tested, that operate with grass-roots personnel and indigenous expertise.

GBN is an interconnected, technology backed, global insurance eco-system made up of independent insurance, reinsurance, human capital, and risk management organizations from around the world. We envision a borderless insurance network, both physically and virtually, by building an eco-system that enables our partners and clients to transact the business of risk anytime, anywhere, and in every language.

IBH is a founding partner of GBN Worldwide. Through GBN, IBH clients benefit from:

  • Global Servicing Capabilities
  • Global Best-Practice and Expertise
  • Global Purchasing and Placement Power
  • Extensive Insurer and Reinsurer Leverage
  • Streamlined infrastructure and technologies
  • Underwriting Network Facilities
  • Global Compliance Frameworks