Quality Control

A healthy servicing relationship is based on transparency and open feedback. While no organization can commit to perfect servicing, IBH commits to keeping its ears open, always looking for ways to improve, and taking immediate action where it is required.

For this purpose, a dedicated quality control and internal auditing unit exists within all major IBH and Crescent Global offices to employ specially developed tools and keep unbiased and transparent lines of communication with clients assessing customer satisfaction. This unit is unbiased and unaffiliated with any IBH servicing teams or practices, reporting directly to IBH leadership.
Some of the tools used include:

  • Executive Interviews
  • Customer surveys and feedback
  • Complaint Mechanisms
  • Services and Products Checklists
  • Program Tracking and Reporting
  • IBH E-Services Platform
  • Technical audits and contract certainty
  • Risk Surveys and Reports