Political Violence & Political Risks

Opportunities exist where uncertainty lies. At times the same uncertainty exposes your business, your staff, and your financial existence to both danger and other risks. War, Sabotage, Terrorism, and Civil Unrest are all exposures that can impact your business tragically and suddenly. Unfortunately, the MENA, GCC, and South Asia are particularly exposed.

IBH and Crescent Global can assist. As the leading provider of political risks solutions to hundreds of insurers and insureds across the Middle East, our products are custom designed to provide maximum coverage at minimum cost. The products we offer:

  • Sabotage and Terrorism covers (T3/T3a and T3L wordings)
  • S & T, SRCC, and Malicious Damage covers (LPO437)
  • Full Political Violence (Perils 1-7 inclusive of War)
  • War on Land (Both fixed and mobile assets)
  • Kidnap & Ransom
  • Personal Accident
  • Life

As the first broker in Asia to be accredited by Lloyd’s of London, we work with most of the global terrorism insurance markets to deliver customized political violence products backed by the best underwriters in the world. With our Middle Eastern heritage, no broker is able to provide better insight to its underwriters on political exposures on the ground within the greater Middle and Near East more accurately and effectively than our organization.

With a network of experts, eye witnesses, access to local media sources, and the ability to constantly assist underwriters within conflict zones to assess exposures, we are able to compete at the highest and most complex level. From its headquarters in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Crescent Global offers the above products to major corporations, government concerns, insurers, and brokers across the region whether on stand alone, facultative, or facility basis.

For more details, please visit  www.londonpv.com